Case Studies

Check out the amazing results we get for our clients.

$1 Million Dollar Seller Leads

How We Help Real Estate Agents Generate $1 Million Dollar Seller Leads In Under 1 Hour.
1. High quality traffic - Hyper targeting your audience with simple FB Ads.

2. High converting funnel - A proven funnel process that converts prospects, into leads.

3. Text & email follow up - Following up with your leads via automated text & email follow up.

150 Leads Per Month For $5 A Day

How We Help Real Estate Agents Start Conversations With Simple FB Messenger Ads
1. Highly Engaging Ad - Create high converting advertisements designed to start conversations in FB Messenger.

2. Easy to use - Make it easy for prospects to engage with you with right inside FB Messenger.

3. Plug & play - Keep it simple & leverage our proven ad templates and conversation starters.

224 Appointments In 90 Days

How I Helped a 3 Person Real Estate Team Book 224 Appointments In 90 Days
1. By mastering your focus - Deciding from this moment forward which type of broker/agent you want to become.

2. Lead Indoctrination - Converting cold strangers, into warm paying clients.

3. Client Testimonials - Creating a client acquisition flywheel by leveraging client testimonials.
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